Friends of all kinds

Friends of all kinds

Have you ever considered how many friends you’ve had over your lifetime?

I’m not talking about just close friends. What if you include acquaintances and all the people you’ve met and had moments with. Most of us who have lived awhile and even the younger ones of you have already had many friends.

People come and go, some for a moment, some for a while and some for a lifetime. For me, there have been countless people who’ve left their footprint on my life.

Recently, running into an old friend from at least 15 years ago, It was fun to see her. Not exactly bosom buddies, we worked in the same office, shared some friends, some moments, laughs and a drink and or two. Seeing her reminded me of a friend we had in common who has since passed on. Her name was Ann and she taught me a lasting lesson about people and friendship.

Ann managed a large real estate office and I worked for her. Every time she introduced a new person to someone in her office, she would say “Let me introduce you to my friend”. This woman was several years older than me and I thought it was a quirky way to introduce people, some I knew she didn’t know that well. Even though we worked together fairly closely (I was her assistant manager), it took a while for me to think of her as true friend, so I thought it interesting that she saw everyone that way.

As I’ve gotten to be the age she was then, I now realize what a gift she was giving me… the honor of being her “friend”. But even more than that, she showed me in her actions how to treat people with love and respect and to see each one as a friend, even if it’s just a momentary friend.

When you think of your life today, think about all the people who have touched you. Woven together intricately into the tapestry that is called your life, your lives intersected. Whether they were a friend or an acquaintance, they contributed to the threads in your tapestry.

If you were to throw your Life’s tapestry to look at it, you would see all the many colors there. Some muted, some bright and amidst the colors would be the gold of those who loved you the most.

Today, I am grateful for all who’ve threaded through my life, including you. Imagine your tapestry of friends and be amazed at the beautiful colors there.

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