What signals about having enough do you broadcast into the Universe?

The notion of having enough is tied to the thinking about being enough. So many women I talk to have never felt like they were ‘enough’. Our sense of worthiness comes from the deep roots of our childhood. There are many women who grew up never being told they mattered. Our parents weren’t told that so why would they know to tell us.

What we heard were words of asking us to be more. Did we make the grades, did we do our chores, were we pretty or thin enough? Then there were the words about money, mostly the “I can’t afford that for you.”. Worthiness and money got mixed up together and it’s no wonder that we grew into adulthood with thoughts of lack about ourselves and our finances. Thinking things like “I can’t afford that, I’m broke.” or “I don’t deserve that.”

Those thoughts of unworthiness and lack become the constant message we broadcast into the world. And because what we focus on is what we attract, guess what? We attract more of the same because our signals are not wired to attract anything else.

Gratitude can change all that. It helps us switch our signals transforming our attitudes.

The journey of worthiness and abundance for me has taken years. I’ve attended many classes on prosperity thinking and transformation but in the early years of my learning, my ‘signal’ was so strongly tied to lack, I didn’t really understand the message. It wasn’t until I found myself totally on my own and divorced thinking I had very little in the bank, that I began to realize I had enough and I am worthy. I had to change my thoughts and begin the practice of gratitude to change my world.

Abundance thinking is available to all of us. First we have to acknowledge the good in our lives, even the tiniest most insignificant blessings. Today, I noticed the colors in a piece of fabric and thought “l love that color. Thank you for letting me see it.” Sounds so minute, but it’s in those moments I feel my abundance. The more I see and feel abundance, the more abundance comes to me. And even more importantly, the stronger my signal goes into the Universe. Abundance is circular – what I send out comes back to me.

Today, examine your thoughts. Ask yourself “What are the thoughts I tell myself every day about money and worthiness?” Begin to notice the abundance around you. Be thankful and change the signal you broadcast to the Universe.

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