Self Care

Self Care

How much self care do you do?

Raised in a world where often the focus was on learning to read, write and science and math, the subject of self care was rarely a topic of study. Maybe we had a good PE teacher who instilled some healthy habits or for some of you, athletics was where you excelled.

Many of us, especially those at midlfe and beyond, were not given that message. The topic of emotional health was not even on the radar. Self care meant following the rules and playing nice.

Raised to to get married and be mothers, it was all ‘other’ focused. For many women born in that time, watching our mothers raise kids and cook and clean became the patterns we learned.

Then the women’s movement started and it was all about being ‘power women’. Many of you, raised by boomer moms, may have gotten that same messge. Self care has only become a topic in the last few years. But do we really take care of ourselves.

Most of us learned the Golden Rule that says “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself” and the focus was on the word “others”. Within that rule is a key phrase that is overlooked and that is ‘as you would do unto yourself”. How can we treat others better if we don’t treat ourselves that way?

Recently reading something about abundance, the author talked about how abundance flows when we tidy up our affairs. Then, illuding to how we take care of our bodies and ourselves, there was a key statement. Our bodies and thoughts are part of the clearing the clutter and ‘tidying’ up. We must clear the clutter in our lives, including our bodies and thoughts, to welcome the abundant loving energy we deserve.

By adding in the self love, we are able to love others more respectfully and generously.

Today, take inventory of your own self care. By filling our own cup to overflowing we have more to share.

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