Body image

Body image

Where did you learn how to think about your body?

Most of us began Life thinking about our bodies much like our mom’s thought about theirs. And they got their thinking from their mothers.

My mom and my grandmother taught me many wonderful things and in their own patterning, also gave me some thoughts about my body that I’m still working to overcome. They passed on thinking from the generations before them. It’s a generational thing. My grandmother would make clothes for me and say things like “Oh you can’t wear that, it makes you look fat.” Did she mean to hurt my feelings? No, it was her worry for me, feeling that way herself. Over the years, I’ve come to understand and let that go.

What I want us to think about is how deeply ingrained our body images and thoughts about ourselves are. It’s not until we acknowledge those thoughts and release them that we are able to create a new image. Our thoughts create our reality. If we don’t love ourselves and our body, who will?

As we get older, our bodies change. Accepting this natural progression of Life or not is a choice. Focusing on aging, pains and aches, will make us feel old! Choosing a healthy lifestyle, our bodies will respond with more vibrancy, more Life.

Dr. Northrup was raised as one of 5 children in a family of athletes. She felt shame because she didn’t “perform” or love sports like they did. As she has gotten older, she realized she loves dance, especially loves the tango! In her 50’s she learned to tango and does it regularly. What an inspiration for us to give back to our bodies the gift of health and fun!!

Today, let’s be aware of our thoughts about our body. Are you dwelling or settling for what you have, feeling stodgy and old? Or do you honor your body focusing on vibrancy and health? Each day, do something wonderful for you and your health and go dance with life!

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