Free to be me

Free to be me

Happy July! When you think of freedom, what comes to mind?

This month, we celebrate the freedom our forebearers fought for we Americans have. Notice, I didn’t say forefathers. There were brave, courageous women whose passion and bravery against all odds, gave of themselves for a cause they believed in. All who fought, in their own way, set in place a concept of freedom that led the way for all people, not matter where they live.

Freedom to be me is one of my highest, if not the highest value, I have for myself. The battles of Life only hone this burning desire in me. Not wanting to be made to be someone other than me, desiring to speak my story, my calling, my way, I’ve walked through fire and battled the demons of others control of me. Whether it was through painful relationships, job losses, family strife or health challenges, what I know is each moment was a breaking free.

Growing pains are not just physical. They are soulful, heart felt releases as we become the more of us.

Life is made up of a series of ups and downs, wonderful times and those we’d rather forget. In between the highs and lows is the living where memories are made. When the storms come, they often cloud over the good that has happened, momentarily forgetting the green pastures of Life where we have walked.

Freedom comes when we realize that all of Life is an adventure, a story of who we are. Knowing where we want to go, feeling the desire to fly in our own direction, we can do so with confidence and gratitude that every stop along the way is an important part in the glorious tale of person we are.

Today, wherever you are in your journey, enjoy the moment as you find your own freedom.

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