Out performing our self esteem

Out performing our self esteem

What’s your self esteem like?

For years, I’ve coached to a saying “You cannot out perform your self esteem”. I’ve read it, spoken it out loud and even still, it never hit me as hard with regards to myself until recently.

Having worked through a lot of limiting beliefs, I thought I had that territory pretty well navigated. But then, right as I was ready for a new chapter, my self esteem knocked on the door to tell me I couldn’t go there yet because, in that area, my self esteem had unfinnished business.

Ouch!! I just downright didn’t like what I heard my inner whisper telling me. But, after thinking about it, I knew she was right. In that particular area, my thinking about myself was still pretty small. There was some clearing and growing still left to do.

What’s your self esteem cap look like? How are you holding yourself back?

Too often, old ways of thinking, brought on by upbringing, society or wherever it comes from, hold us back. Often we don’t even know how deep those old paradigms go. Thinking we’ve cleared them, we wonder why we can’t seem to get where we want to go. That’s the clear sign that there is more work to do.

Poor self esteem shows up in our relationships, our jobs, in our self image and how we talk to ourselves when we look in the mirror.

The healthiest thing to do is to realize that as we grow, growing pains can happen. And it’s in the awareness of the discomfort, that we make way for a new way of looking at ourselves and our dreams.

Today, consider what part of your self esteem is holding you back. Love it and then, if necessary commit to becoming the best you ever.

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