Are you living in alignment to your highest values?

Are you living in alignment to your highest values?

Many of us have lived the chapters of our lives focused outside of ourselves. Reaching midlife and beyond, we’ve come to a new place in life when others may not need us as much. Kids leave home, retirement may be on the horizon or a new calling may be whispering our name.

You may be hearing it or feeling the nudge, perhaps even a longing for something more. The call of our destiny and desires is peaking through our hearts, whispering to us “there’s more for You”.

We may feel selfish admitting there are things we’d like to do. Freedom to be our self may seem out of reach due to financial or family reasons. The only way we’ll ever be able to move in that direction is to first look within and ask, “What’s the most important thing to me? If I didn’t have to worry about others or money etc, what would I do with my time, my life?”

Aligning with what’s most important to us, gives us clarity to what some might call purpose or calling. I like to think of it as our self expression, revealing the very best part of us.

Releasing the need to please others and getting really honest with ourselves about what’s most important to us, brings us into alignment with ourselves. When we align ourselves to our truth, we become more authentic and that’s when the magic happens.

You may not be able to toss what’s in your life now, but how fun would it be to take a peak at what brings you joy. Then, even if it’s one tiny step in the right direction, unfurl your sails and let the journey begin.

Today, ask yourself what’s most important to you. Step into your destiny and sail towards authenticity and joy.

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