Happy Soulful Saturday! What is your passion?

Happy Soulful Saturday! What is your passion?

Many of us, raised on fairy tales, long to have a passionate life. Born with a spark of fire within us, as children, we lived in a world of wonder and imagination. Playing was passionate just like the magic of childhood.

As a young woman, I found that adulthood was not as passionate as I thought it would be. Marriage and men were not always the answer. The hum drum of learning how to budget, going to work with no summers off and then the responsibility of family and children while still working a job was not near as much fun as the dreams of my youth.

Craving excitement, I used to lose myself on the weekends in romance novels. You know, the bodice ripping kind. My bookshelf was filled to the brim with stories of ravenous, wild and tender men bulging with muscles, as they rescued the overlooked but incredibly smart maiden from a dull, dreary existence. Just like the little girl I once was, I lost myself in my own imagining of what passion could be.

What we don’t realize until we grow into ourselves is that passion is the fire for our own authenticity. Long gone are the dreams that ‘the prince’ will be the fire that fuels LIfe, we must discover our own pulsating energy that vibrantly excites us, sometimes even in the quietest of moments. Young mothers know the passion they have for the babe nursing at their breast. Moments of solitude enraptured in gardening, creating or reading are subtle reminders of the stirrings of our heart. Passion exists in the depth of our friendships, in shared moments of joy, in heart rending moments of comfort and protective conversations and in doing something we love.

In moments of self reflection, we can come undone in thinking Life loses it’s passion the older we get. But that my friends is a choice, a mindset that can be seen differently when we are open to possibilities of what a passionate life for us would look like.

I’ve always wanted to tango. After a few months of ballroom dancing and evenings of lazily watching Dancing with the Stars, the rhythm of tango music turns me on. In a mysterious way, it stirs my soul. Passion is like that. Whispering to us, we each have our own tune of passion that moves us.

The question is, what stirs your soul? Where do you find deep pleasure and joy? Discovering that is the path to living a passionate life.

Today, allow yourself a moment to ponder. Delve into what is passion for you and light your fire for Life.

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