Appreciating the life well lived

Appreciating the life well lived

When is the last time you felt gratitude for the life you’ve lived and the dreams yet to come?

Recently, I spoke to a small group of women who’ve met for a common cause for years. This group was made up of women on the cusp of midlife all the way up into their 80’s. Some still worked, many were retired. As I usually do when speaking, we talked about their dreams. Looking out at their beautiful faces, many lined with years, it was amazing to watch them write down all the things that they would love to create in their lives.

No matter how many years have passed us by, the dreamer in us still sparkles with Life when we feed that place in us. When we stop dreaming, we might as well stop being in this world. Anticipation for things to come and talents we can nurture feed Life.

Recognizing how far we’ve come is the beginning of moving forward. Looking in the mirror, we can either feel disdain for the face looking back seeing the wrinkles deepening or we can cherish the life well lived that created the lines in our face. It’s been said that the eyes are the soul looking back at us. So are the wrinkles and lines. They reflect the road map that we have traveled.

Feeling gratitude for our lives and appreciating the dreams we still have is the place of continued renewal and creation of more good to come.

Today, feel gratitude for the Life you’ve lived and relish with anticipation the seeds of your dreams still growing in the soil of your soul.

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