The Oneness in the Christmas Spirit

The Oneness in the Christmas Spirit
Do you believe that there is a Oneness in us all?  It’s kind of like a “Christmas spirit’ in each and every person.  What do we do when that ‘spirit’ goes dark?
No matter what religion you believe in, there is a Universal belief that within each of us is a ‘spirit’ or ‘Oneness’, many of us call our souls.  I like to think of it as a connection that we all have.  A vision of lights on the Christmas tree comes to mind as I think of the ‘light’ within each person, strung together to glow even more brightly.
Yet, this world can be so divisive. It’s easy to stay in our own stories, our own worlds forgetting that we are all connected.
The story Scrooge is a great analogy.  Bitter, isolated, he counts his money and has ‘Bah Humbug’ attitude about Life.  His heart has been broken, friends have passed on and he’s sour about the world.  He’s lost his Christmas spirit.
As one of the most beloved Christmas stories, we all know that Scrooge gets awakened to his ‘light’ when the ghosts come calling one night.  He remembers how he loved, he is made aware of his selfish ways and is shown how his actions not only cause others pain, but in the end are ultimately his undoing.  He sees how he may die a lonely old man.
Scrooge has a moment of enlightenment.  His heart finds his ‘Light’ as he opens up to his connection to others and to the world.
The holidays can be a pitfall for some when it comes to stories of Christmas past.  We tell ourselves those stories over and over until they become true for us.  And like Scrooge, you can find yourself lonely and cut off from the world.
What would happen if we wrote a new story?  What if we could see things differently, letting the past go and ‘awakening’ to the Light in ourselves and in others?
Today, if you are stuck, like Scrooge, in an old story, take another look, even possibly re-write the tale.  Wake up to your connection to the Light within each of us.

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