Summertime. A time to blossom and grow.

Happy June! What are your plans for this summer?  Planting a garden?
This month, summer begins.  In the ‘old’ normal years, June is the month many are heading to the beach or someplace wonderful. Kids are out of school and usually, this is the time for vacations.  How different this year will be.
With so many of us staying at home the last few months, we would love nothing better than to fly away.  Since the majority of us will still be staying close to home, why not design a new kind of summer? Plant and grow new kinds of seeds?
Farmers know sometimes a field needs to rest to prepare for new growth.  It’s been much like that for the majority of us, the last few months as we’ve slowed down and stayed home. We’ve had more time to pause and ponder.  Now it’s a new season, a season to grow. The field of our lives is ready for something new, perhaps new growth.  Where could that be for you?
After a fallow field, a farmer plants a new type of crop. What if this year goes down in your personal history as the time you finally decided to dig deep in the archives of your imaginings, plant new seeds of your desires, and nurture new growth? What would blossom in you?
Now, after months of staying home and pausing (the fallow field), are their new ‘seeds’ you’d like to plant? When summer or even the year ends, what is the blossom you’d love to harvest?  Why not have some summer ‘fun’ by doing something just for you!
Embrace this fertile time and grow.

Here are some ideas to consider –
  1. Not able to travel this year? Plan a trip for the future. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Make a ‘dream board’ for that trip to imagine you there.
  2. What would you like to complete this year? Would it be to learn a new skill? Maybe re-learn an old one, like playing the piano? Perhaps even start or grow a business?  Decide on what you’d like to learn and begin, one step at a time.
  3. Write a book. If that’s something you’ve had on your to-do list for a while, why not start it now. Begin with a few sentences a day, every day and your book will begin to take life.
  4. Broaden your circle of people you know. Find new friends. is a great place to begin!
  5. Tired of your old life? Want to shake off old thoughts, change old habits or old beliefs? Consider journaling or studying a book like The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Maybe you might consider hiring a coach to dig deeper… Want to know more? Need a ‘growth’ session?
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