Have you ever said to yourself “If only”?

How many times have you wished things were different, saying to yourself…”If only…”?
The older we get, the more we get to reminisce about this journey we call Life. There have been so many years when waiting was the game. Times when we ‘waited’ for the right relationship or job, trying on the glass slipper each suitor offered but most did not fit. Most of us have waited for some magical something thinking ‘when this happens…’, Life will be the way I want it.
For years I waited for all the pieces of life to be there. Waiting may be too strong a word… more like always feeling like just the ‘right’ whatever was around the corner. Thinking “When ‘this’ happens, the time or the place or just the right people will show up. Most of the time, the ‘this’ showed up but trying it on, it never seems to be the right ‘this’.
What time has taught me is every place I’ve been has been the right ‘this’ for that moment. The mistakes, the storms I found myself caught in were all there as a lesson. Too many times I beat myself up at wasting time or making mistakes when it was a crucial part of my becoming.
Life is a series of ‘this’s’ weaving the tapestry of our lives. We don’t realize it at the time. It takes the wisdom of years to look back and see how the moments are all intertwined. The bad relationship, the job that ended suddenly or the loss of someone we love all taught us something giving sheen to the glow that is us. The beauty of getting older is we’re humbled when we see how it all fits together.
Even when the world seems to be turning upside down, those of us who’ve lived a few decades know that this too shall pass. In the moment it can feel traumatic and disconcerting yet what I know for sure is in the Universal flow of things, everything is working out in our favor. Things change and humanity learns and grows.
Today, take a moment to be humbled at the weaving of your life and stand in awe at the tapestry it has become. Instead of seeing the flaws, see the beauty there.

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