What age would you be?

Why would I ask that question?
Over the last five years, I’ve been writing a daily post on the Facebook group, Savvy Ageless Goddesses.  Having gone through a classic midlife crisis, starting over at an age when life should be on coast mode, I had much to say on the topic.  While working with a coach, she suggested I start writing.  Hence, Savvy Ageless Goddesses was born in November 2015!
I’ve been writing every day since then…well almost. 🙂
“Fun Friday” is what I call my weekly post on that day of the week.  Finding this meme, I loved the sentiment and decided to ask,
“What age do you want to be?”
I loved it when I turned 50 and people said it was the new 30. Then I turned 60 and it was the new 40. Were they trying to make me feel better or was I trying to convince myself?
Age is just a number. Some days we feel our age and some days we feel like a kid. It’s all a state of mind. Being silly and having fun is ageless. Fun lifts our spirits no matter how old we are.
What makes you feel ageless? What favorite childhood thing do you like to do? Was it blowing bubbles, riding a bike, swinging on a swing as high as you could?  We can still do those things!
I love it when I get to be silly.  Playing dress-up with my granddaughter, letting her apply the makeup gets the giggles going.  Her laugh is contagious.  I’d feel ridiculous doing in real life, but with her, it seems like so much fun!!
The little kid inside us needs to come out and play.  Whether it’s with a grandchild or with your girlfriends or just by yourself, letting your ‘kid’ out keeps you ageless.
Today, blow some bubbles, find a swing to fly on it, or do something that makes you giggle! Be ageless!
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