We are all God’s children- Divine souls.

Are you able to see beyond differences?
The events of the last couple of weeks have caused me to re-examine my own prejudices.  Am I really as open and loving as I say I am?  What prejudices do I still carry?  It’s been a hard thing to look at myself and realize.
Every one of us has a story about life. Each was raised with the beliefs of our parents or whoever we lived with.  It’s not until we reach the age where we start questioning things that we develop our own views.  Those early indoctrinations can still run deep even when we think we’ve exorcised them and decide we will see things another way.
That’s what I’ve realized this week.
I felt a little uncomfortable the other day when I heard the word “white privileged”  “That isn’t me”, I thought but as I began to watch videos, read more, I realized that I am privileged, like all of us who God bestowed on us white skin. We’ve lost the awareness of it because generation after generation has in most cases, unknowingly had attitudes that were unknown to our consciousness.  They are there and it’s not until now, we’ve seen the truth.
Many of us are baby boomers, gen-x, and at midlife and beyond.  Our generations were the first to live in a media-driven world, educated with visual images, unlike our parents who read and listened. Growing up watching riots, protests, and injustice, we think we are the ones who led the way to acknowledge and protest for the rights of others.
The unacknowledged truth is healing century worn prejudices born out of slavery, one of the darkest acts ever done by humankind takes time. What if each time protest happens, the hard shell of prejudice is peeled one layer at a time?  Like an onion, there are still layers waiting to the tender center is revealed.
As I’ve carried these thoughts around the last few days, this image came to mind, one I found years ago when I first started posting. Now it has a new meaning.  To all of you who feel uncomfortable about this post, ask yourself why?  And to all of you who are my dear friends of other colors, I embrace you and ask for your forgiveness.
We are all God’s children, made in the flesh as was given.  None of us got to choose.  What is for sure is that within each of us is a brilliant, shining piece of the Divine called our souls.  That is what we need to remember.
Today, whoever you encounter, see them through the eyes of your soul.

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