Are you ignoring your soul signals?

Are you ignoring your soul signals?
Have you ever felt like there was something more out there for you, but you didn’t know what?  Maybe you could be afraid of listening.
Feeling conflicted, stuck or just out of sorts, your mind tells you all the things you ‘must’ do.  Maybe that message comes from work or your spouse or someone outside of you.  The more you think about it, the more you shrink inside.
Wondering why you feel so knotted up, almost sick to your stomach, maybe you should listen. There’s something calling to you when signals get haywire. What if your soul is trying to get your attention?
I remember a couple of years ago when imaging having my own coaching business one Saturday morning, I decided to name it and put it out thereby creating a business page.  That morning I felt on fire and my energy was so expanded I could almost see it.  The response to my page on social media was overwhelming.
At the time, I was still working doing something I loved but the conflict around me was literally making me sick.  Call me naive. The action I had taken online, caused an uproar soon ending that job.
Scared, thinking I was not ready for my own business and caught in old paradigms of fear, I decided it was time to listen to that small, quiet voice inside, my soul.  The Universe had orchestrated what was mine to do.  Life happened, not in my timing but in God’s.
Life gives us contrast.  The soul gives us signals.  Whether we listen or not is up to us.
Like the smoke signals sent by Native Americans, when signaling danger, our hearts and souls do the same thing.  When we’re on the right track we feel a boost of beautiful joyful energy. Our soul is whispering ‘yes’!  Paying attention and noticing how we feel in that place of knowing will guide us in the right direction, even when the doubter within is afraid.
Today, what is your soul telling you?  What signals are you observing?  Pay attention and listen to the whispers of your heart.

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