Jessica Maddern

Jessica Maddern

The Maddern Group 2017-2019

"Denise has taken my business and life to a new level. She coaches me through strategies, tactical business and marketing ideas and ultimately how to be a better business owner. Working with her, you get both a business and life coach. She has given me a new perspective on how to think, where my mindset should be and how to work through obstacles in my personal life. She is a one well-rounded coach with an amazing perspective and zest for life that is contagious. I can't say enough good things about her. Do yourself a favor and sign up with Denise today. It will change your life!"

Nathan Daniel

Nathan Daniel

Team Leader, Keller Williams Realty, Coached in 2013 and 2018-2019.

"Denise holds a very special place in my heart. She was truly placed in my life at the right time. As most real estate agents get distracted by the shiny objects often referred to as "squirrels", I had a lot of squirrels that I was challenged with. Denise was able to help me find my path and come back to it when I may have ventured off. She helped me identify my passion not just for real estate, but helping people grow. Her vision and belief in me helped propel me way beyond my comfort zone, first into leadership and then most recently, to take my skills and knowledge into a life and business that something greater than I even imagined. Denise is the perfect balance of a life and business coach! Thank you for all you continue to do in our lives!"

Cynthia Greco

Cynthia Greco

ASID Interior Designer, DG Designs – 2016 and 2018-2019

"Denise coaches you from where you are now to where you want to be. Her style is very specific to you and your background. She coaches to the individual person, not a cookie cutter kind of coach. She finds out what you would REALLY LOVE, digs deep drilling down with questions until your answers make your eyes sparkle and you giggle at the idea you just released. She helped me out of a financial constraint to increase my annual earnings 5 x my previous annual income. Then a year later, another break through helped me put behind the grief I was unable to shake for years after losing 5 members of my family. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner."

jon beasley

Jon Beasley

Retired, former Partner at PAI Holdings, LP, 2013

"While coaching with Denise through the Dream Builder process, she brought me from a fear-based position of weakness in my career to one of confidence and strength. The results were amazing! I came away with a self-awareness that has brought my professional and personal lives into clear focus.

A little over a year later, I was offered and accepted a position that surpassed the one I imagined, becoming the Director of a large civic nonprofit organization. My life has expanded in ways that before, I could not have dreamed it would be. Denise's compassionate style makes trusting her easy, yet her nuts-'n-bolts approach to daily life gave me the results I needed to propel me to the very best of life."

Kimberly Pitts

Kimberly Pitts

CEO Uimpact, Branding and Marketing Specialist, TED talk speaker. 2018


"Denise has always personified what it means to step daringly into transitions with grace, confidence and an openness to embrace what is before her. She has started a business at a time when many are considering retirement. However, she has chosen to not allow any setback in life to stop her from living all her dreams wide awake.

Often when life happens we stop dreaming, moving, growing and stepping into all that we should. Never allow temporary situations prevent you from being all that you can be and do. Need a new direction? Call Denise."

Michael Oldham

Michael Oldham

The Oldham Team 2018

"When I first began my Real Estate business Denise was the first coach I had ever had. Not only helping me launch my business, she provided solid mindset strategies and an always calm demeanor that allowed me to believe that everything was going to work out for the best...and it usually did.

Although I hired Denise as a productivity coach for Real Estate purposes, I found that she helped me as much if not more as a Life Coach. She helped me to understand that by putting my personal life is not in order, my business could grow and be successful. Whether it’s business or your life, Denise can successfully help you navigate where you are going."

glenda lee malone

Glenda Lee Malone


I was going through a very lost and difficult period in my life when I met Denise. She was amazingly supportive and insightful, as well as patient. Working with her, I found Denise to be a good listener; empathic and able to pick up on subtle cues and address them. Reframing things helped me to see myself from a whole new and more positive light. She asks the right questions, and helps you find the right answers for you.

Laurie Polinski

Laurie Polinski

Transformational Life Coach 2012

"Denise is one of the most insightful and effective coaches I’ve ever known! She holds a depth of wisdom that is unmatched. In just one conversation Denise helped me get crystal clear on my direction and how to move forward in a way that was authentic and true for me. Her ability to be compassionate while holding my feet to the fire was exactly what I needed to get unstuck and moving in the right direction. I am in awe of her ability to awaken her clients to their authentic gifts so they can be all that they can possible be. I highly recommend Denise’s exceptional coaching skills to anyone who wants to quickly move forward in their life and/or career.”

Kadena Tate

Author, Speaker and Revenue Strategist, 2011

"Denise Ackerman took me from the 'what if' phase to the 'doing it' phase. Denise is able to get right away to the core issues that keep women from creative work. Her techniques helped me to blast through blocks and fears. I have experienced exciting results in both my personal and professional life. Thank you Denise!"

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