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– Denise does not disappoint

A seasoned professional, years of experience as a trainer and a certified Life Coach and Life Mastery Consultant and published author, Denise Ackerman fires up her audience, igniting dreams that have been buried for years. With audiences of all ages, Denise’s message is ageless.  It speaks to the human spirit, to the soul.

Action oriented, she doesn’t just inspire, she commands action and a new way of thinking.  Her favorite saying “Action rewards action” pertains to stepping up and in to your life.

Keynotes, workshop leader and lunch and learns… whatever the event, Contact Denise!

Speaking at book launch

“We have this all wrong about life after midlife…throw out the “old” thinking!  Change the paradigm to “WE ARE AGELESS!

Whether your company or group needs a quick 15 minute moment of inspiration from the heart, a story to make your group smile or a full blown workshop, Denise delivers.

speaking at ORT Aug 2018

Her specialty for business is:

  • “Lost along the way?  Create your personal (or business) GPS”
  • “Create YOUR VISION, Know YOUR WAY”
  • “Vision Driven Business, Vision Driven Life”

And for Professional and Women’s Organizations or Networking Groups:

  • “It’s Never Too Late!  Be Ageless and Live the Life of Your Dreams!”
  • “Vision 2020 – Get Clear on Your Life”
  • “Create Your Vision with Vision Boarding – An interactive, Fun Way to Design YOUR LIFE!”

Let's take the journey together!

Keynotes, workshop leader and lunch and learns… whatever the event...