Life is a journey…

You are happily (or maybe not so happily) going down Life’s path when ‘WHACK!”, you get bonked on the head or “SLAM!” right, smack into the wall of Life. Ever been there?

I have. Too many times. Not listening to my "inner SAGE", the inner WHISPER some call INTUITION, Life smacked me several times. It sucks! It’s just not fun!

Chances are, you are either curious or you’ve HIT THE WALL. You desire something more.

Maybe you feel lost. Not sure of your next step. Maybe you’ve hit MIDLIFE MADNESS or life has not turned out the way you thought it would. Keep going. Read more.

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If you are here…

Is something call you, whispering to your soul?

And because you have landed here, my guess is the WHISPER is getting LOUDER. You are searching for answers. Let me let you in on a little secret…Your SOUL is calling.

What you are seeking, is seeking You.

Let’s face it. There are no shortcuts to LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS. Life has highs and it has lows. And SUCCESS? Achieving it takes diligence, perseverance and never giving up. There are no short cuts! When YOU Work with Me, will get you there much faster than doing it all by yourself.

Successful people, athletes, business people, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to become more, has someone to help them get there. They HIRE A COACH!

From Mundane to Magic!

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Why work with Denise

Finding a coach you resonate with is extremely important to getting the results you desire. When it happens, it’s delicious, like a perfect fit. You will know it’s right.

There are a lot of coaches out there. Life coaches, business coaches, transformational coaches, mentors and more… the list goes on. There are people who just call themselves coaches or coach on topics they’ve never experienced or lived.

If you are desiring a coach who blends life, business, strategies with SELF EMPOWERMENT, VISION, DREAMS plus can add in the business acumen, someone who’s lived and done those things, then look no further!

Not every coach is right for every person. Not everyone is right for coaching with me.

Reading this, you will know. Your inner whisper will tell you.

Coaching is a sacred honor. It is a PURPOSE, a calling, an inborn gift, talent.

When you choose me as your coach,
my promise to you is:

We will cut to the ‘heart of the matter’ and get immediate CLARITY. Why waste precious time? Let’s drill down deep and discover what you would love in Your Life, Your Business.

We will discover your STRENGTHS and your weaknesses. Knowing what those are, will assist us in moving ahead and provide FOCUS.

You will get NON JUDGEMENT, COMPASSION and WISDOM are three qualities I bring to coaching that are my strengths. As a heart centered Coach using the resources of my inner wisdom, we move through long held beliefs, old stories to bust through and create a new story, one that becomes a LIFE YOU LOVE.

We will access INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, that presence of something much greater than you or me. If this makes you squeamish or uncomfortable, then we are probably not a fit.

We will LISTEN to your SOUL. For far too long, most have ignored what is calling to them. By releasing fear, increasing your COURAGE and INSIGHT, you will learn to listen to your inner whisper, your soul.

We will create a STRATEGY designed just for You. One of my top, most fun strengths is strategizing and designing a plan, the next step. I’m not here to spend a few hours of your time and money and then leave you hanging. You’ll leave with a plan and it’s up to you to TAKE ACTION!

Let's take the journey together!